North – South Korea Peace Agreement

Big News. Isn’t it ?

After more than seven decades of war, here comes an initiative by both regimes to discuss peace and end the longstanding war. We have not only seen the involvement of USA, China, South Korea and Japan trying to suppress North Korea for its nuclear missile development but also sanction from UN, various twitter fights, nuclear tests, hydrogen bomb detonation. This all happened in a year. That was quick. Huh.

Being said that, I admire the way Kim Jon Un has displayed the strength of North Korea instead of a weak nation which stood up against the international pressure. Rather than being bullied by a developed and a big nation, N. Korea chose not to bend but to build itself as a strong opponent and then discuss terms and negotiations. I do not know that if the Korean Peninsula will ever be denuclearized as why will someone spend millions/billions of money on the nuclear arsenal just to dump or destroy it. Does not make sense to me.

One of my theory which can be a strategy of US is that, they might have helped North Korea to build its nuclear arsenal and would have just pretend internationally that they are against the missile development. However, it gives USA another boost to international diplomacy. Since North Korea now has nuclear missiles, US can not only make them their ally/friend but can also target/build pressure on China from there. It might look impossible now, but this is a checkmate situation.

This is hard to believe but if true, US that was a fantastic job !

India to New York

Everyone has some inclination towards people and dreams, doesn’t matter how much impossible it may seem. Dreams can be having an Audi, being a millionaire or to live in New York.

I had those dreams too. Wanted to see the humongous buildings, magnanimous culture the whole world always talked about.

I was living a content life(though I was jobless and had a recent breakup). Being the first youngster to stand for the people who were stuck in the hopeless mindset that life is only this and nothing better can ever happen. I and few of my Art of Living pals started a Slum project to improve life in one of the area of my city.  Within few months the condition in the slum started improving. I was interviewed 3 times in the news channel and was quoted several times in the newspaper. I was happy the way life was flowing, just like the thoughts in my mind during meditation.

I was ecstatic about USA especially New York, the World Trade Center and was dreaming in a big dream called life. With all the luck and fighting several times at several places I became the last guy to enter the university in that semester. My spirit was high and so were the buildings. I visited Empire State Building on 4th day and drove BMW Z4 on 2nd day in USA.

Life seemed full and content but not for long. I felt something missing from my life. It wasn’t my family I was missing nor were my friends. I wasn’t missing the fun or wisdom of truth nor was I missing my culture. But somewhere i could feel the absence of something really important.

Though I felt like rich here, but the richness India has in its aura is not even comparable with the richness here. Though cleanliness and those huge buildings were making me awestruck every moment I saw them but couldn’t gave me that contentment of soaking in the mud or driving my bike in the night when all you could see on either sides were farms with all scary noises. Though even now i see the richness everywhere, but the feeling of watching those slum kids going to school couldn’t match anything in this world.

You might drink or party hard every weekend or hang out with girls but sharing that love and motivating people who are unable to move ahead is what was missing from my life. Living life for some purpose, for someone else. Any other place might give me solace for a while, with wealth or respect but the tranquility you find placing your head on the lap of your mother land can never even match anything.

People across the globe might say thousands of things about India but one thing is surely right about India:

India isn’t a poor country rather India was never poor, India was and has always lead this world as a giver. And a giver can never be poor. India is magnanimous.