Source is Deep Inside

One of the benefit of living in North Carolina is that you are surrounded by forests.

So few minutes back when I was out taking a walk , amidst the beauty of the nature, I could clearly observe the broken branches of the tress and the melodious crunchy sound they made.

I was looking at the trees and the broken branches wondering how impermanent life is. Everything is changing. First a plant grows into tree and then fresh branches become dead. Aho(Wonder), its all changing !

While coming back I looked at a tree and had a chain of thoughts that there is a life in this tree though it can’t move. And then, in the next thought I questioned myself , “where is the source of its existence?”. And then I realized “The source is hidden deep inside in its roots”. Similarly, without the roots there is no existence of the tree.

Then where are our roots? From where am I getting the energy? What triggered this engine known as body to work?

I look at myself as a mere individual and I realized that my body is working. But how did this machine got its power ? Like an engine needs some electricity to start or work, where is the source of this machine ?

I wonder, how often we go inside to visit and find this source of energy – our existence – our roots.