Religion : Which one is the only way ?

Lets talk about an interesting conversation.

Few years ago, in my college NJIT, I was sitting in the cafeteria and was having a snack. A friend of mine approached me and in the most uncomfortable tone asked me “What is your religion ?”. I proudly replied “I am a Hindu. Wassup ?”. Then he said “Do you know there is only one way and Jesus is that way”. Respecting his choice, I heard him out. Out of curiosity I asked a few questions to him about his belief, he got furious and told me that “You with your religion might not end up anywhere, since your way is not the right way”. I smiled and said “Even if my way is the slowest way, I am pretty sure I will reach the destination”.

The world is facing one of the biggest problem today in the name of Religion i.e. which is the best and the only way. Thousands are prosecuted, converted and tortured to prove that only their God is great. I always wonder, if your God is really great then why would you kill someone. i.e. who will let his own creation to be killed for His own name.

I always stumble upon a thought when I think about the religion. When I want to search a route in Google Maps, it gives me several options to reach the destination. As per my choice (mostly the fastest one) I select the way and start my journey. Now, it might be possible that the slowest oneĀ  has become faster because there is less traffic. So how can we say which is the fastest way ?

You would be wondering why am I talking about this Google Map thing. The reason is, this is one of the good analogy to compare Religion with. Though there are so many religions in the world, but, they all have the same destination i.e. the One God. If the destination is the same but the route is different who cares ? All these routes can be full of possibilities, fun and situations one cant expect. But we are caught up with a dilemma that either your religion is not better than mine or my religion is the best.

Every time I uber and the driver asks me which route do I want to take, this Religion as a route pops up in my mind to tell me how each Religion is unique yet leads to theĀ One.