Who is in charge?

We in our day to day life try to control as many things as possible. Be it situations, people, relationships, work or even the results of our actions. We want to be the boss and want to control everything. When we fail to control things, emotions like anger, anxiety, feverishness and sadness etc. arise. Instead of you controlling the situation, now the situation controls you.

Isn’t that interesting !

A week ago, I was working with my colleagues and there were several major disputes that were happening among them. This created a lot of chaos. I was just a silent observer and took a deep breath as such things happen in every sphere of life. After couple of days from being a silent observer and not being influenced from the event at all, I started getting caught up in the event and I realized my feverishness, anxiety, anger levels were going up. I was completely not in charge of the situation. The event took over me and was bossing around me like a ruler does it to a slave.

This time I wanted to understand the origin of such emotions. The best way to do that was to reflect in the inner world. I sat down on my yoga mat, closed my eyes and started meditating. During the meditation, this is what I realized. Initially, when I was just a silent observer, I was simply being a spectator of the ongoing tornado of emotions. But when I got caught up in the event, the negative emotions increased inside me and I was no more a silent observer. This was the moment when I became free because I understood ‘the cause’. And now, I was again a spectator to the chaos.

Understanding who is in-charge and who is controlling the event is extremely important. Being centered is what helps one to pass through the ocean of negativity.

Water droplets: An analogy

While driving in the rain, I saw little droplets of water striking the wind shield. Amidst this moment, a thought came to my mind. This rain drops were falling right on the wind shield at different intervals. I could completely relate this analogy to my life experiences. Just like this drops, problems appeared in my life at different intervals and each time I was hit with a hard blow and was shattered on the ground.

I observed that each time the water droplets on my wind shield blurred my vision, the wipers helped me to get a better picture of what is ahead of me. Just like in life when each time my vision got blurred due to the problems, I had something which helped me to move on and to see what is ahead. That was meditation, which has been a key to clear my vision and to wipe/go beyond the problems which impacted me deep in my life.

It is said that “Every one is fighting their own battles”. But does that bring peace and happiness ? Maybe yes, maybe no. But what keeps me going during my battle is Meditation. It helps me face my battle with a smile on my face, grit determination and peaceful mind.

I personally feel very fortunate to have learned this tool to combat the problems life has offered me to fight.

Religion : Which one is the only way ?

Lets talk about an interesting conversation.

Few years ago, in my college NJIT, I was sitting in the cafeteria and was having a snack. A friend of mine approached me and in the most uncomfortable tone asked me “What is your religion ?”. I proudly replied “I am a Hindu. Wassup ?”. Then he said “Do you know there is only one way and Jesus is that way”. Respecting his choice, I heard him out. Out of curiosity I asked a few questions to him about his belief, he got furious and told me that “You with your religion might not end up anywhere, since your way is not the right way”. I smiled and said “Even if my way is the slowest way, I am pretty sure I will reach the destination”.

The world is facing one of the biggest problem today in the name of Religion i.e. which is the best and the only way. Thousands are prosecuted, converted and tortured to prove that only their God is great. I always wonder, if your God is really great then why would you kill someone. i.e. who will let his own creation to be killed for His own name.

I always stumble upon a thought when I think about the religion. When I want to search a route in Google Maps, it gives me several options to reach the destination. As per my choice (mostly the fastest one) I select the way and start my journey. Now, it might be possible that the slowest one  has become faster because there is less traffic. So how can we say which is the fastest way ?

You would be wondering why am I talking about this Google Map thing. The reason is, this is one of the good analogy to compare Religion with. Though there are so many religions in the world, but, they all have the same destination i.e. the One God. If the destination is the same but the route is different who cares ? All these routes can be full of possibilities, fun and situations one cant expect. But we are caught up with a dilemma that either your religion is not better than mine or my religion is the best.

Every time I uber and the driver asks me which route do I want to take, this Religion as a route pops up in my mind to tell me how each Religion is unique yet leads to the One.


Realm of Spirituality

“Spirituality” was a very naive term for me. Few years ago, the impression of a spiritual person to me was someone who is poor, smokes weed, stands on one leg or sits under a tree and has fake knowledge and wisdom to fool people. I always felt compassionate and angry at the same time towards such people.

But with time in my journey I wondered a lot about this term ‘spirituality’ and started to think ‘If I was spiritual at all ?’. This question made me realize that I am on a roller coster ride but never knew when or whether I wanted to take a ride.

7 years back, a friend of mine introduced me to a Happiness program by Art of Living stating that ‘You will become a happy person’. I laughed deep inside and thought I am happy, I do not need to be more happy. But, being a good friend, I did the program and I got a glimpse of something that I never imagined. Since then, I have been meditating and its been 7 years NOW.

I always thought having no life or being lifeless is spirituality, but never knew how few sitting of meditations would turn my perception upside down.

As per my intellect,to meditate was to sit and relax and at times to sleep & to take a power nap. 😅 But, if I go back to the question, I think I know the answer.

I know the answer because the definition/perception of a spiritual person has changed. I guess its safe to say that I am no more a naive person in this spiritual journey. After 7 years of being in this journey, I can define a spiritual person to be someone who is on a path to be happy no matter what, a person who is not caught up into the material world, who knows there is something beyond than what the eyes see, who tries to be a better human being as a whole, who has desires but tend not to run behind them. (THIS MAY OR MAYNOT CHANGE WITH TIME 😶).

If this is spirituality then I am on the right path. I do not know where I will end up, but a glimpse of the unknown is enough for now to move forward. I think this journey will be full of twist and turns.

Source is Deep Inside

One of the benefit of living in North Carolina is that you are surrounded by forests.

So few minutes back when I was out taking a walk , amidst the beauty of the nature, I could clearly observe the broken branches of the tress and the melodious crunchy sound they made.

I was looking at the trees and the broken branches wondering how impermanent life is. Everything is changing. First a plant grows into tree and then fresh branches become dead. Aho(Wonder), its all changing !

While coming back I looked at a tree and had a chain of thoughts that there is a life in this tree though it can’t move. And then, in the next thought I questioned myself , “where is the source of its existence?”. And then I realized “The source is hidden deep inside in its roots”. Similarly, without the roots there is no existence of the tree.

Then where are our roots? From where am I getting the energy? What triggered this engine known as body to work?

I look at myself as a mere individual and I realized that my body is working. But how did this machine got its power ? Like an engine needs some electricity to start or work, where is the source of this machine ?

I wonder, how often we go inside to visit and find this source of energy – our existence – our roots.