About Us


We are Deepika and Jatin, just to make sure, Deepika on the left and Jatin on the right (though he is never right!). Together for 5 years, we have made each other coo-coo(crazy) and now through this blog, we are here to share our craziness.

Therefore we thought why not share our craziness with this world. And this world does need some positive madness!

Deepika loves to wander. She has pulled me into many of her travel adventures. Along with travel she is BIG #Foodie and believes in eating more and cooking less. But she loves to explore with her cooking especially me being the guinea pig. She is an avid reader, be it about Spirituality or politics. In short, she can read anything that she can’t eat. To conclude, she is a jack of all trades, master of all !!!

On the other hand, Jatin loves to go within to find the hidden secrets of the world by meditating. Most of the time when he is not meditating, he is learning new Vedic chants. He also loves to sing and play guitar especially loud when I am around and I don’t want to be disturbed. If he is doing none of the above, he will be glued to his desk #Coding crazy applications.