Series: Wake Up – Fear of Failing

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Our life is a race. Sometimes we have the freedom of choosing which race to be a part of and sometimes a race is forced upon us. Either way, we want to succeed. We want to be in the first position, not second, not third, and definitely not less than a third. Be it grades in the school, an interview, or even an actual running race, we want to succeed. We do not want to fail.

It is true, winning is important but we have forgotten how we won. We won with failures, not without it. Lets see how we started winning.

  • You won when you scored a goal in a football match. But before you scored, you failed so many times to even hit the ball with your foot.
  • You won when you drew your first painting. But before you drew your first painting, you failed so many times to even draw a single line.
  • You won when you came first in a 100 meters race. But you failed miserably to be able to walk for several years.

This thought of always winning and never failing has created fear in us that, we will be miserable if we fail.

Due to the fear of failing, many around the world do not do things they love to do. People do not sing because of the fear people might make fun of their voice, have stage fear because they might not make sense to the audience, do play any sport because of the fear that what if they could not hit a goal.


With the fear of failing you are giving up your freedom. Is giving up your freedom worth it? Our fear of failing is just taking away the potential from us.

Sri Sri says

“When you look back at your failures, you will see that you have learnt something from them, and they have been stepping stones for you to move ahead.”

So what if you were not able to get good grades, so what if you were not able to clear an interview, so what if you failed losing weight. SO WHAT! It is okay. Do not mind the failure, it is an important ingredient to the most delicious recipe.

Make mistakes, fail but rise stronger. #ItIsOkayIfYouFail

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Author: Jatin Sandhuria

I am a software engineer who loves to write, sing, travel and meditate. I am a coding geek but funny.

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