Can I do Canada PR on my own?

Hello everyone, I am sharing my views on why the Canada PR immigration is self doable.

I read so many people hiring consultants or lawyers and paying a huge amount of money back in India and other countries to apply for Canada Immigration. Shockingly, some of the ‘self – labeled experts’ do not even have a thorough knowledge and despite that somehow they try to convince the crowd to go through this route.

Reasons why is the Express Entry process self doable –

  1. First of all, CIC does not require an expert or a consultant or a lawyer to apply for the Canada Immigration Process. It is very much possible to apply for the Immigration process by yourself. The Express Entry process is pretty straightforward.
  2. There are so many legit forums available online on Facebook like Ask Kubeir, etc who are willing to help so many people sincerely with questions and information.
  3. There are so many videos on Youtube that explain the basic process of Canada Immigration
  4. People afraid of not knowing what documents to submit – CIC tells you very clearly what documents are required.
  5. You are the best person to fill the application forms and making sure everything is submitted properly.

At the end of the day , it is your opinion and I completely respect it. I may just advise one thing before you pay for any services –

  1. Make sure you have at least done some homework and are aware of the general outline process of Canada immigration.
  2. Do not rely completely on the consultants just because you have paid them a chunk of money.
  3. Make sure you know about your NOC and the job demand for your NOC in a certain province.
  4. Make sure you know the process too so you can ask your experts questions as and where needed.
  5. Some people hire just for the peace of their mind – Well, what can I say, whatever works in your case.

Finally, it is up to YOU as a decision maker. But if you plan to do it by yourself, stop doubting yourself, read about the process, start asking for help if you have any questions post on the Facebook forums, ask for help from people around you and believe in yourself.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

Author: Deepika Geleda

I love to wander. Sometimes in my thought and sometimes in real. Along with travel I am a BIG #Foodie hence I am learning to cook as well. Also I am an avid reader, be it Spirituality or politics or Economics . People say I am a jack of all trades, master of all !!!

3 thoughts on “Can I do Canada PR on my own?”

  1. Dear Deepika,
    I have an admit from an Ontario University for fall2020. Classes start in September. What would you say about coming to canada for studies in September. Would you advise it. What are the things I need to consider while planning to come. What will be the job market and situation after a year and how do you think student life and professional life will be.


    1. Hey Sarat,
      I will write a blog on it soon. But I have no clue how the job market and situation would be after a year hopefully it should get better. Coming here as a student I don’t see any issues with that. You may or may not get on campus job.


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