Moving To Canada During COVID – 19

I am sharing my personal experience and my opinion about moving to Canada during COVID.

I have recently moved to Canada on my PR from USA. I had to make this decision rather quickly and abruptly due to COVID-19 spreading faster in the USA. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Trump announced that they would be closing borders, I had 2 options:

  1. To stay in USA on my H1B visa (i.e. with poor medical benefits and no Government benefits since I am not a citizen)
  2. To move to Canada on my PR (I did my soft landing last year in 2019)

After going back and forth with these options I finally decided to move to Canada and in my opinion I made the best decision.


  1. Canadian Government is not only helping the Citizens or Permanent Residents, but they are also providing aid to international students.
  2. Since I had an OHIP card it was easy for me to avail the medical benefits if needed.
  3. My partner has a full time job so it will not load us financially.

But some of the drawbacks of moving to Canada right now is:

  1. There are NO job-fairs or it is very difficult to get in touch with the recruiters, so looking for a job in my field has become a a hassle.
  2. Most of the network providers are closed like freedom, fido, etc. It is difficult to even get a sim card during this pandemic.
  3. Difficult to meet people and make new connections as that can help to find a job.
  4. Most of the stores are closed except all essential services.
  5. Finding a rental place/apartment is extremely difficult and expensive. AirBnb is not entertaining anyone as well.

In short, I would not advise any one to come here right now on PR if they don’t have a job as they will just exhaust their savings. If CIC is giving you a chance to hold onto the landing process then see this as an opportunity and not a blocker. Until you want to come here with your savings. So the people who got COPR do not worry, Canadian government will not take your PR away because you can’t land, they will be understanding towards the situation.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will answer them.

Author: Deepika Geleda

I love to wander. Sometimes in my thought and sometimes in real. Along with travel I am a BIG #Foodie hence I am learning to cook as well. Also I am an avid reader, be it Spirituality or politics or Economics . People say I am a jack of all trades, master of all !!!

19 thoughts on “Moving To Canada During COVID – 19”

  1. Hello I want to knw your valuable suggestions on should I start my pr process or no seeing the current situation and crises and job losses is this the right decision to start the process as . Would be of great help if you could help me with your valuable suggestions.
    I saw you post on Facebook shared by your friend rahul in kuber

    Thanks in advance

    Prathamesh Vichare

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Prathamesh,
      If you are talking about starting your immigration process I feel that you should start as there is nothing to loose. Also the job economy and overall market would improve after covid.
      Good luck.


  2. Hi Deepika

    Thanks for sharing. Was really helpful. Some questions if you can help
    1. How did you manage to get a SIM/network connection?
    2. How did u manage to get an initial accommodation especially if Airbnb and all are entertaining. Feel like hotel/motel will be little risky.
    3. What would you recommend or how to search for long term place to stay in GTA, if job is in downtown Toronto? Like good community, good elementary school, near train station for easy commute..any idea?



    1. 1. I had to buy a more expensive connection from a different network provider and drove to 6 different stores to only find one open.
      2. My fiancé was living here already. But make sure you reach out to people on Facebook or online and get your accommodation sorted. And book for long term like 3-6 months at least
      3. Call rental offices in these areas or post it on Facebook forums. Missisauga is a good area. I don’t know much about it.


  3. With all the uncertainty around it is not a right time to come to Canada. There likely to be longer than expected recession that can run into next. Unless you are super rich and tons of savings , don’t come here. There are/will be no jobs for immigrants up until 2021 as even locals are struggling to find ones.


  4. My coPR deadline is 30 August 2020. I don’t know if CIC would be willing to extend this deadline as I believe borders would be opened by then. I’m planning to come next year. Are jobs in Finance difficult to get there?


    1. Hi Diren, I don’t know about your stream. I don’t say the finding jobs are impossible it is possible but the struggle right now is more due to covid19 but I am hoping things will get better by August.
      One thing for sure is to find a job you have to struggle be it covid19 or not. So come prepared to hustle.
      Good luck.


  5. Thanks for sharing your experience! I have similar situation as yours: Did a soft landing before the pandemic, back to USA to quit my H1B and moved here in March during the crisis, had to pay a high rent on Airbnb just for the 14 days isolate, and now moving to a more permanent place (still a basement), not much luck to get a job right now and don’t qualify for the government assistant CERB either. I also suggest people who can still wait for a landing, please wait! Because you will end up just paying rent and staying at home, while absorbing most of your savings at least during firs few months…

    Good luck everyone!


    1. Hi Jen,
      That’s really horrible. I know a friend who was staying on airbnb but she wasn’t allowed to extend her time and had great difficulty looking for a place to stay.
      Things will get better soon hopefully.
      Until then take care and stay safe.


  6. Hi Deepika, difficult times but welcome to Canada all the same! Regarding cell phones..check out Public Mobile online. No contract, great prices & you can order your sim from Amazon & set up online. We just moved all our plans to them & are super happy.
    Good luck with the rest of your Canadian journey 🙂


  7. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing this very helpful and timely article.
    Me and my family are CoPR holders and our Visa are about to expire in May 2020.
    I have heard that if we weren’t able to land, we need to go through medical examinations again re-do the process thereafter.
    Do you have any thoughts?


  8. Hi Deepika,

    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I have 3 yrs work ex in finance.
    I have not formally started my PR process. I have just about done with obtaining transcripts for my process.
    Should I go ahead with the process and give IELTS(Not sure how that will be conducted)? OR
    Should I wait and watch?


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