The Mystery of Turning 30



I turned 30 yesterday. When I turned 30 people kept asking me with a smirk how it feels like arriving at the big 3 O (as if they expected an angst ridden answer).
Funny, how some people consider I should feel a certain way because I am turning 30. For me age has never been a limitation to doing anything in life. It is simply a number.!!
In my experience, there are two dual expectations around arriving at the big 3-0:

You either have it all figured out (ha!)


you’ve just hit an expiration date on multiple personal levels. .
From being an ambitious teenager who had a vision for what life at 30 years old would look like to coming at a point “I don’t know” (with wonder) was not easy. (Took me a long long time to realize life does not just revolve around career or other things that i made a priority over my happiness)
But a few things that I am grateful to  learn at 30 is –
1. There is no “perfect picture” for what any age looks like. We are all constantly setting goals and then re-working them, or coming up with new ones. Whether you have accomplished very little, or too much, it doesn’t really matter. No point running behind things/person because that is not going to give you happiness.
2. The more I’ve allowed life to sculpt me, the more satisfaction I’ve found with who I am and what I’m really meant to do in the world. My reason of being is more in the journey than behind searching my purpose. If things are not happening then just, Let it go na … Big deal?
So when it comes to the number of candles on your birthday cake, remember that your attitude defines your outlook going forward. You can choose to be stressed and anxious about a certain age, or you can choose to be grateful and open to another year of life on this earth.
How do you feel about turning thirty, or if you’re already there, what is the best part about it?
Please share your thoughts… 🙂

Author: Deepika Geleda

I love to wander. Sometimes in my thought and sometimes in real. Along with travel I am a BIG #Foodie hence I am learning to cook as well. Also I am an avid reader, be it Spirituality or politics or Economics . People say I am a jack of all trades, master of all !!!

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