Biased Love for Animals

Its been more than 9 years that I have stopped eating chicken or egg. There was a time when I was one of the person who would eat a full butter chicken by myself. However, something changed from the day I had a ‘What am I eating’ moment. A series of thoughts like a flashback ran through my head while eating chicken and gave me a glimpse of compassion. After that moment I could not chew meat.

Yesterday while looking at my Facebook feed I was acquainted with a flyer where a friend of mine posted “Dogs are the best friend of humans”. And the other day he posted “Nothing compares eating beef and buffalo wings”.

Seems like taste buds have already decided its priorities. On one side we love dogs, they are cute and said to be the best friends of humans with faithfulness filled in their eyes. Contrary to that, we tweet about the cruelty against dogs/cats while eating beef and satisfying our own dear ‘taste buds’. We protest against China and other countries where dogs are tortured, killed, roasted and eaten while sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings having the best lunch there. 😉

We often complain about people defending animals that we like to eat, we dislike when they decide what we should eat. But really, are they wrong ? Just like you love dogs/cats, they might love cows or goats etc. Love is not contradictory, it is pretty straight forward. Either you love them or just like them. (The mushy mushy one)

As Buddha once said “If you like a flower, you will pluck it off the tree/plant. But if you love it, you will water it”. Choice remains with you.

Author: Jatin Sandhuria

I am a software engineer who loves to write, sing, travel and meditate. I am a coding geek but funny.

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