Crazy Potato

When crazy potato became a Teacher

Have you ever learnt from a Potato? No, here is the incident which made me realize that pressure isn’t the boss, but patience is.

Early morning I tried making Poha(an Indian dish) with a new recipe. I used to make it with boiled potatoes using pressure cooker but unlike before, this instance I tried to fry potatoes in a pan.  A person who has patience issues like me can’t wait for it to get fried.

Rather than what and how I made, I felt, the lesson learnt was something that might change a small part of my life.

I always used to think the only way to make any dish with potatoes is to boil it in a pressure cooker. But this time I tried making it in a different way which required patience and a bit more effort.

It took me 15 more minutes than the usual time to make Poha. I was determined that it will not turn out the way I wanted them to. But still with that doubt in my mind, I attempted this new method and I was successful.

So the lesson learnt was “you can’t make a leader or bring up good qualities in a person with Pressure. It needs patience, determination and effort to create one”.

Now, time has come for tengo que comer Patata.

Author: Jatin Sandhuria

I am a software engineer who loves to write, sing, travel and meditate. I am a coding geek but funny.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Potato”

  1. If you cut the potatoes small you do not need to boil them or fry them beforehand. Stop justifying ignorance and try to make them learnings…


    1. Interesting. And thanks for the comment. Not being a good cook, even with small potatoes I could not accomplish making a properly cooked Poha😅 But the point here I mentioned is more of an analogy that how patience is needed to grow. My motive is not to justify ignorance but to learn even small things from ignorance.
      But I am pretty sure you would be an amazing cook since you know the secret recipe. 😀🙂😃


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