Two Simple Ayurvedic Practices That Helped Me In 2020

“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.” – Shubhra Krishan

I have always loved healing my body naturally, without any side effects. Though I was taking allopathy medicines for my cold/cough etc I realized over time it was just working on the symptoms and not the root cause. That is where I was blown away after getting a deeper understanding of Ayurveda. To this date, Ayurveda has helped me increasing my body’s immunity & reducing my intake of allopathy medicine by 75%.

In 2020, one of my biggest health challenges was Mouth Ulcers. I had no idea why was it occurring every other week. This was causing me a lot of issues even while chewing food.

I would like to share how just by implementing 2 simple things Ayurveda helped me immensely in eradicating the issue. I have not had even a single instance of mouth ulcer since the time I implemented these two Ayurvedic practices.

  1. Oil Pulling: Oil pulling is done by swishing oil around the mouth for a few minutes and then spitting the oil out. This is one practice I have been doing for many months. Oil pulling comes with numerous benefits i.e. it refreshes the breath, pulls out bacteria, debris, and other toxins from the mouth, mitigates mouth ulcers, etc.
  2. Tongue Scrapping: Tongue scrapping has several benefits that help improve oral health. Another practice that I do before brushing my teeth is I use a tongue scraper to clean my tongue. I used to think, the toothbrush does the same thing, but after doing some research, I found tongue scraper is much more efficient. Research also says how tongue scrapping is effective to eradicate bad breath, getting rid of toxins, improving digestive health, etc.

These are the two Ayurvedic tricks I did in 2020 that have helped me tremendously and wanted to share them with you guys. I plan to continue this for the rest of my life.

Also sharing another article that talks about simple Ayurvedic tricks. Do give it a read, maybe if not all, practice one and see what advantages it is giving you.

Health for all. Everyone, everywhere, every day

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Resetting Yourself… But how?

What do you do when your smartphone is working very slow when your applications are either not getting opened or are slower than a sloth? What do you do? You reset your phone and the moment you reset your phone, your smartphone starts working back to normal.

Similarly, in our lives we have situations that break us down, slows us down or maybe we felt pathetic after saying a silly thing in a work meeting or you have done some past mistakes and you need to start things fresh. But what do we do? We keep blaming ourselves, we keep regretting our decisions, we shout at life and cry over that thing.

Just like you can reset your smartphone, you can reset your life. Yes, it is possible. How? When you are in control of yourself when you are in control of your mind. Again, not controlling life, but controlling your emotions, your state of mind, your feelings. You cant control life because it is unpredictable, however, what you do with that unpredictability is something you can control.

When you are in control of yourself and mind, you gain the ability and awareness to reset your actions, reset your habits, reset your life.

But how to reset yourself? How to control yourself? Through your Breath. Your breath contains immense power to control and manage your mind. So many researches have happened/are happening which all say how through breath this is possible. Breathing techniques help you to get rid of that stress that we carry in our mind which doesn’t let us reset ourselves.

It is very common to use our breath to reset ourselves. As an example, you might have heard someone getting angry and someone saying, “Take a few deep breaths in and out.” And as a result what happens? It helps you reset your life at that moment.

In my life, I have learned this technique where using my breath I can reset any component or moment in my life. For me learning and practicing Sudarshan Kriya has been a big big big game-changer. How easily I get an ability to change the state of my mind, how easily I get the ability to change my sadness into happiness, how easily I can change a negative feeling or thought, into a positive one.

We all need that button in life to reset our life. We all carry that button in our life, but we do not know how to use it. Sudarshan Kriya is something that enables you to do that.

I am teaching one of those programs called Happiness Program where you learn this powerful breathing technique Sudarshan Kriya in November 2020. You can come and join to learn this technique to enable yourself to reset your life whenever you want to.

Happiness Program November 2020:

Series: Wake Up – Fear of Failing

[Video at the end of the blog]

Our life is a race. Sometimes we have the freedom of choosing which race to be a part of and sometimes a race is forced upon us. Either way, we want to succeed. We want to be in the first position, not second, not third, and definitely not less than a third. Be it grades in the school, an interview, or even an actual running race, we want to succeed. We do not want to fail.

It is true, winning is important but we have forgotten how we won. We won with failures, not without it. Lets see how we started winning.

  • You won when you scored a goal in a football match. But before you scored, you failed so many times to even hit the ball with your foot.
  • You won when you drew your first painting. But before you drew your first painting, you failed so many times to even draw a single line.
  • You won when you came first in a 100 meters race. But you failed miserably to be able to walk for several years.

This thought of always winning and never failing has created fear in us that, we will be miserable if we fail.

Due to the fear of failing, many around the world do not do things they love to do. People do not sing because of the fear people might make fun of their voice, have stage fear because they might not make sense to the audience, do play any sport because of the fear that what if they could not hit a goal.

With the fear of failing you are giving up your freedom. Is giving up your freedom worth it? Our fear of failing is just taking away the potential from us.

Sri Sri says

“When you look back at your failures, you will see that you have learnt something from them, and they have been stepping stones for you to move ahead.”

So what if you were not able to get good grades, so what if you were not able to clear an interview, so what if you failed losing weight. SO WHAT! It is okay. Do not mind the failure, it is an important ingredient to the most delicious recipe.

Make mistakes, fail but rise stronger. #ItIsOkayIfYouFail

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Mat Kar Maya Ka Ahankar – Guitar Cover

It is said Lucky are the ones who attain human birth. Luckier are those who get a glimpse of truth. Luckiest are the ones who have a Guru in their life.

I am fortunate to have all three. 10 years back wisdom was something that sounds nice but had no meaning to the reality. Or maybe my mind was crowded with so many thoughts that I could not think outside of my small little desires. But then I met my Guru. Now, all make sense.

A few days back on my birthday, I was contemplating about this life. In a few minutes, I started humming a song. A song with the meaning such profound. I heard this bhajan/song “Mat kar Maya ka Ahankar” from Vikram Hazra many many years ago but never had the right mindset to record it. But on my birthday, I took my guitar and started singing which turned out recording a video.

From the school days, I knew Sant Kabir was famous for his Dohas, but never knew those couplets had such profound knowledge of this life hidden in his works. #EverGrateful

A Yogi during Pandemic

When the world shakes, it creates distress and fear in the minds of the people. This is what we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is shaking during this pandemic and it has created distress in some percentage of the population. As a result, we have seen the mindless hoarding of goods and medical supplies from the stores.

But a Yogi (Someone calm, serene and centered.) sees this situation as fleeting not something permanent. He knows that this shall pass too. (Yogi is not someone who has long hair or beard, a yogi is someone who is happy and content.)

I heard this from a friend of mine many years back and it makes sense during this pandemic.

This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

One of the learnings I had from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is that nothing in this world is permanent. Everything is changing. For me, these are not mere words but a shelter of hope during these tough times.

Just knowing, this too shall pass, brings such relaxation, and hope deep inside you. Worries disappear.

This is not the first time Earth is going through a pandemic. There have been many in the past. But after each pandemic life came back to normalcy. Same as how the dark clouds disappears from a stormy day.

Just like we studied mathematics, science, etc. in school and we had to give a test. This is the time where life threw a surprise test and we have no option than sitting in the exam.

Do you know what are we tested on in this surprise test?

Our Faith

Our Compassion

Our Love

A yogi has all these during the toughest of the tough times. A Yogi knows that dark clouds are momentary, they may have the power to block the sun, but can not stay forever.

H1B Visa: A Golden Cage ?

The year was 2014. I had just moved to the United States from India and was incredibly excited to advance my studies and then pursue a job. In the beginning, clearing my license exam (National Physical Therapy Examination NPTE) was the ultimate enabler, and then the next step was finding someone who can hire you and sponsor your H1B visa. I was able to eventually find a company to sponsor my visa and started working sometime in 2016.

From an outsider’s perspective, everything was going well! Despite my success early on, I could never quite shake the voice that was looming in the background of my subconscious, reminding me of the one caveat to any of these exciting new developments. The voice I am referring to is the H1B visa itself, an immigration nightmare that became the sole reason why my happiness and life-satisfaction were severely curtailed during my time in the USA.

Although the application process is cumbersome and counter-intuitive, the wait times, which can take upwards of an entire year, are especially burdensome.  Fortunately, my application was approved after the first round. It was only after approval that I became fully aware of the tangible limitations that exist with the H1B visa.

I felt as if I was playing an arcade claw machine, seeing countless job opportunities through the window yet unable to grasp them. Although there was an abundance of desirable positions I would have loved to take, many employers simply could not afford to wait for the visa transfer process.

Additionally, the visa limited my ability to execute numerous business and investment ideas that my entrepreneurial spirit was craving. Worse yet, travel breaks were unauthorized during the application filing period, and I wasn’t able to take long enough breaks from my job to make the trip back to India.

As a result, I went as long as 3 years without seeing my family – the people who matter most to me. This period of absence from my family is not unique, as I know countless individuals on H1B visas who have reported even longer periods away as they waited upwards of 4 years for application approval.

The experience overall truly had me feeling as if I were a caged bird, reminding me of the following Shane Arbuthnott quote: “And when you are kept from your home, no matter where you are, you are in a cage.”

And then the wait from H1B to get a green card is just unjustifiable. All this started taking a toll on my mental and physical health. The uncertainty of what is next, confusion and anxiety kept piling up and it was time for me to make a decision between my peace of mind and money.

To be clear, I want my readers to understand that I appreciate the financial freedom that was offered to me through the visa. At the same time, I felt as if I was constantly giving away pieces of myself for nothing in return. My goal for anyone reading is to simply understand the facts. Every year, hardworking, motivated individuals set sail for the USA on H1B visas.

If you are thinking about applying (or if you know someone who is), please send them this blog post to spread awareness. Immigrants bring a wealth of education and skills to the table. Without major immigration reform, the US will continue to miss out on thousands of would-be contributing members of society who are stifled by the current immigration system.

PS: This is my personal journey that doesn’t mean everybody would have faced the same scenarios.

Can I do Canada PR on my own?

Hello everyone, I am sharing my views on why the Canada PR immigration is self doable.

I read so many people hiring consultants or lawyers and paying a huge amount of money back in India and other countries to apply for Canada Immigration. Shockingly, some of the ‘self – labeled experts’ do not even have a thorough knowledge and despite that somehow they try to convince the crowd to go through this route.

Reasons why is the Express Entry process self doable –

  1. First of all, CIC does not require an expert or a consultant or a lawyer to apply for the Canada Immigration Process. It is very much possible to apply for the Immigration process by yourself. The Express Entry process is pretty straightforward.
  2. There are so many legit forums available online on Facebook like Ask Kubeir, etc who are willing to help so many people sincerely with questions and information.
  3. There are so many videos on Youtube that explain the basic process of Canada Immigration
  4. People afraid of not knowing what documents to submit – CIC tells you very clearly what documents are required.
  5. You are the best person to fill the application forms and making sure everything is submitted properly.

At the end of the day , it is your opinion and I completely respect it. I may just advise one thing before you pay for any services –

  1. Make sure you have at least done some homework and are aware of the general outline process of Canada immigration.
  2. Do not rely completely on the consultants just because you have paid them a chunk of money.
  3. Make sure you know about your NOC and the job demand for your NOC in a certain province.
  4. Make sure you know the process too so you can ask your experts questions as and where needed.
  5. Some people hire just for the peace of their mind – Well, what can I say, whatever works in your case.

Finally, it is up to YOU as a decision maker. But if you plan to do it by yourself, stop doubting yourself, read about the process, start asking for help if you have any questions post on the Facebook forums, ask for help from people around you and believe in yourself.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

3 Reasons to Meditate Now

World is now realizing the need for “Mental Health”. Do you know why there is a need ? It is because of the growing stress in our lives. Fortunately, the world is now adopting the ancient way of getting rid of stress i.e. Meditation. One of the fact that I loved while researching more is that the people meditating in the USA tripled from 4.1% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017. (Source Isn’t that incredible ?

Apart from reducing the stress and boosting your mental health, below are 3 reasons why you should meditate right now:

  • Satisfaction: When we were studying in school/college, we were instilled with the idea that earning money will make us satisfied. But even the people with millions of dollars suffer from dissatisfaction in their lives. Where money, relationships, partying does not give us satisfaction, Meditation comes with promising results of inner satisfaction in life.

“Satisfaction comes from deep rest, by reposing deep within oneself. When you get established within your Self, then there is contentment. The satisfaction you think that comes by doing some work is very temporary and lasts only for a short while.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  • Meaningful Relationships: Ups and downs happen in every relationship. Arguments on the smallest things to the biggest thing happens often in a relationship. Guess what, most arguments start because of our inability to listen(mindfully). After every resolution, we say “I will understand you in a better way.” When you promise that you will understand what you are trying to say is I will listen to what you are saying in a better way. Meditation makes your mind empty of unwanted thoughts. Less the thoughts in the mind, better you listen, lesser the arguments and your relationship blooms.

“The key to a happy relationship is based on how we handle our mind. We must learn how to calm our minds and relax, for a few moments every day.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  • Freedom: With the luggage of stress that we carry around our whole lives, we tend to lose our freedom. How can one be free if his/her mind is each moment occupied with thoughts which he/she does not even want? Meditation takes away your stress. It brings back your naturalness. And when you are natural, you are free.

“Meditation, indeed, is an amazing path to experiencing freedom. Meditation offers a “freedom from” and “freedom to” in both business and personal life.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

So, if you are not meditating, start from today, rather sit back now and meditate using the below link.

If you are already meditating, awesome, share your joy with others.

Moving To Canada During COVID – 19

I am sharing my personal experience and my opinion about moving to Canada during COVID.

I have recently moved to Canada on my PR from USA. I had to make this decision rather quickly and abruptly due to COVID-19 spreading faster in the USA. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Trump announced that they would be closing borders, I had 2 options:

  1. To stay in USA on my H1B visa (i.e. with poor medical benefits and no Government benefits since I am not a citizen)
  2. To move to Canada on my PR (I did my soft landing last year in 2019)

After going back and forth with these options I finally decided to move to Canada and in my opinion I made the best decision.


  1. Canadian Government is not only helping the Citizens or Permanent Residents, but they are also providing aid to international students.
  2. Since I had an OHIP card it was easy for me to avail the medical benefits if needed.
  3. My partner has a full time job so it will not load us financially.

But some of the drawbacks of moving to Canada right now is:

  1. There are NO job-fairs or it is very difficult to get in touch with the recruiters, so looking for a job in my field has become a a hassle.
  2. Most of the network providers are closed like freedom, fido, etc. It is difficult to even get a sim card during this pandemic.
  3. Difficult to meet people and make new connections as that can help to find a job.
  4. Most of the stores are closed except all essential services.
  5. Finding a rental place/apartment is extremely difficult and expensive. AirBnb is not entertaining anyone as well.

In short, I would not advise any one to come here right now on PR if they don’t have a job as they will just exhaust their savings. If CIC is giving you a chance to hold onto the landing process then see this as an opportunity and not a blocker. Until you want to come here with your savings. So the people who got COPR do not worry, Canadian government will not take your PR away because you can’t land, they will be understanding towards the situation.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will answer them.